Brenda Hutchinson

Composer and sound artist.

Brenda uses the Long Tube to extend vocal techniques. These sounds are achieved through the acoustic modulation of the vocal chords which results from interaction with tube. Her vocabulary includes whispers, whistles and wails.

Krys Bobrowski

Sound artist and musician.

In addition to concert works, she has created interactive installations and designed day long performances. Krys often transforms natural and everyday objects such as kelp and bowls into musical instruments.






Drummer and percussionist.

She is the drummer for Cactus Motel and also plays drums for Malcolm Mooney and The Tenth Planet. She specializes in gongs. Karen also operates Stray Dog Recording Services.

Erin Espeland

Cellist and biologist.

Erin has created pieces for homes and accordions. She has developed extended techniques for the cello using double bows, motorized egg beaters and coat hangers.

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"...no traditional instruments except a cello and a horn were played. Eva Baumgartner's percussion consisted of camping dishes and telephone bells, among other things. Brenda Hutchinson produced strange sounds with a 3-meter long pipe/tube. Erin Espeland contributed unusual sounds to the whole improvisation by treating her cello only occasionally with the bow. Krystyna Bobrowski used (besides a horn) a shell, a kelp and an ordinary funnel as instruments. This created, in combination with David Kwanęs electronic sounds -sounds of nature, laughter of children, conversation scraps- a unique untiring sound carpet that was sometimes calm and tender, sometimes loud and threatening...overall, the event deserves to be called extraordinary."

Martina Zick, LEONBERGER URETSZEITUNG, June 9, 1998

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David Kwan

Composer and video artist whose electroacoustical work encompasses performance, video and installation. His approach to sound production stems from ideas and techniques found in visual art such as collage and film montage, as well as musique concrete, radio and seventies dub. He also performed with the electroacoustical group "Circular Firing Squad" and "Citizen Band".


Eva Baumgartner

Multi-percussionist who uses traditional instruments and found objects. Her instruments include metal lamp shades, bottles, glockenspeil and hand held electric motors. She also performed in the ensemble "Circular Firing Squad".